Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Responsive Design

Websites are a critical asset of our clients’ businesses. Our capabilities range from data-driven websites and applications with Responsive Web Design and robust CMS solutions to branding and marketing experiences.
Responsive Web design that adjusts with different screen sizes for all devices. For that implementation process we work closely with our clients to understand their challenges and goals in the digital world. We offer brilliant and quality website designing at the cheapest prices. Here we have experienced and dedicated designers who have minimum 5 years of Industry experience and who are aware of the trendy designing. Our cross-disciplinary teams then combine research, data, experience and intuition to create innovative strategies and solutions with a clear road map to success.



Not too long ago, to view a website on a mobile device you would have to be redirected to an entirely new site. This was to cater for individual device needs, e.g. one website for computers, one for tablets, and one for mobiles. Each website would have to have their own links, and it was a pain to manage because each one would have to be monitored separately. One responsive website means that you can manage one website with one set of links, without having to redirect users to another website where they will have to deal with server loading time. A responsive website improves SEO and reduces the amount of maintenance hassle, meaning there won’t be a drop in your website speed either. It’s a lot more stress free for the owner and the visitor.

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